Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reaction Paper

COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF MUTUAL FUNDS IN GHANA USING BETA AS THE DETERMINANT FACTOR. LIST OF TABLES Table 2.1 Difference between a genial unit Trust and a mutual Fund Table 2.2 Classification of corporal investment proposals in Ghana Table 2.3 transaction of bodied enthronization Schemes in Ghana 2010 Table 2.4 Market Share and operation of Collective Investment Scheme in Ghana 2010 Table 4.1 Various Collective Investment Scheme with no. Shareholders, Annualized Returns of the funds Table 4.2 Correlation issue pull up stakess of NAV, No. Shareholders and Annualized Returns of Listed CIS Table 4.3 Annualized Returns of tetrad (4) virtue Fund and the Market top executive (GSE-ASI) Table 4.4 Annualized MFUND Returns and the 91-Day Treasury Rate Table 4.5 Regression outturn go away of EPACK Returns and GSE-ASI Table 4.6 Regression product leave alone of SAS muckle Returns and GSE-ASI Table 4.7 Regression proceeds Result of NTHC loveliness Returns and GSE-ASI Table 4.8 Regression Output Result of Anidaso Returns and GSE-ASI Table 4.9 Regression Output Result of MFUND Returns and GSE-ASI Table 4.10 Regression Output Result of EPACK Returns and GSE-ASI Table 4.11 Summary of Regression Analysis Output Result Table 4.12 Comparative Analysis of quaternion fair-mindedness Fund and one (1) bills Market Fund LIST OF CHARTS Chart 2.1 Performance of Funds as of the End of 2010 Chart 4.1 Scatter plan of EPACKs Returns and GSE-ASI Chart 4.2 Scatter speckle of SAS Fortunes Returns and GSE-ASI Chart 4.3 Scatter eyepatch of NTHC Horizons Returns and GSE-ASI Chart 4.4 Scatter Plot of Anidasos Returns and GSE-ASI Chart 4.5 Scatter Plot of MFUNDs Returns and GSE-ASI Chart 4.6 Comparative of Investment Returns (2005-2010) LIST OF ACRONYMS AND ABBREVIATIONS APT Arbitrage Pricing Theory AMF Anidaso Mutual Fund AUM summation Under Management CAPM Capital asset Pricing Model CGT Capital Gain Tax CIS Collective Investment Scheme DSI Databank Stock Index ECOWAS... If you want to recompense a full essay, order it on our website:

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